Programs & Services


The Elizabeth Fry Society of Northwestern Ontario offers programs and support services to help women restore their lives and gain a new sense of independence.

Our programs and services help women address individual and systemic barriers while working toward building a positive future. We have been providing services and extensive programming exclusively to criminalized women in Thunder Bay since 2003. Our team attends the Correctional Centre three to four times a week to provide individual advocacy and diverse recreational and therapeutic programming.

As many crucial support services are found outside correctional institutions, reintegrating successfully means maintaining meaningful connections with the community. Our organization works alongside women to ensure they have the support system they need to restore their lives upon release.

Are you a woman in conflict with the law? Are you looking for support to avoid involvement in the justice system? Are you healing from an experience related to the justice system? Are you incarcerated and need support? Reach out to Elizabeth Fry Society today and start walking the path towards rebuilding your life.

We offer the following services in the Thunder Bay area:

Court Support

We attend court with women who request support at their court appearances. We provide support and encouragement to women and assist the court in understanding each woman’s social history.

Jail Visitation

We visit women incarcerated at the Thunder Bay Correctional Centre. We conduct one-on-one visits to assess women’s needs, connect them with counseling or treatment and begin release planning.

Public Education and Advocacy

We provide community legal education on the systemic social and economic issues that result in the criminalization of women. As well, we participate in the Provincial Advocacy Program, addressing conditions of confinement and the human rights concerns of incarcerated women. We conduct annual inspections of the facility and report on concerns and deficiencies to the Corrections Superintendent.

Release Planning

We work alongside women at any stage of their criminalization, whether just charged with an offence or already incarcerated, towards the creation of a holistic discharge plan. We identify their specific needs and how best to address them, this can include: basic income, housing, transportation, counselling for trauma/ addiction / mental health issues, and connection with cultural programs. We provide discharge kits and act as liaison between agencies and clients. Maintaining contact and connection with clients upon release increases their chances of a successful reintegration.

Weekly Programming

We offer skill-based programs that assist in community reintegration such as Certificate based courses, Speaker School, and specialty programs. We also offer programming that helps our clients express themselves and process their experiences such as the delivery of Arts, Culture & Music, Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness, Sweat Lodge, and Artist-in-Residence.

To learn more about our programs and services or to request assistance contact us at: