Programs & Services


The Elizabeth Fry Society of Northwestern Ontario offers programs and support services to help women restore their lives and gain a new sense of independence. We offer the following services in the Thunder Bay area:

Court Support

Our staff and volunteers attend at court with women who request support at their court appearances. We provide support and encouragement to women and assist the court in understanding each woman’s social history.

Jail Visitation

Our staff and volunteers visit women incarcerated at the Thunder Bay Correctional Centre. We conduct one-on-one visits to assess women’s needs, connect them with counseling or treatment and begin release planning. We also provide weekly recreational programs to the women. These programs vary, but have included arts and crafts, meditation, yoga, book clubs and sweat lodges.

Release Planning

Our staff and volunteers assist in release planning for women exiting prison. We refer women to local agencies and treatment facilities assist with housing and provide discharge kits.

Check out our discharge kits!

Public Education

Our staff operate a Resource Centre at our office located at 212 East Miles Street, Thunder Bay. We also provide community legal education on the systemic social and economic issues that result in the criminalization of women.