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The Elizabeth Fry Society of Northwestern Ontario is a non-profit organization that works with and advocates for women and women who are, have been or may be criminalized. The Society is one of 24 member societies in the Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies (CAEFS), and is also a member in the Council of Elizabeth Fry Societies of Ontario (CEFSO).


To reduce the criminalization of women by advocating on behalf of, and providing direct services to women who are, have been or may be criminalized


To ensure all women who are, have been or may be criminalized have adequate supports by responding to individual and systemic issues.

Our History
Who Was Elizabeth Fry?

Elizabeth Fry

Elizabeth Fry was born into a family of Quakers in 1780 in England. It was fortunate for all concerned that Quakers believed in the equality of women (250 years before women won the vote), otherwise Elizabeth Fry’s unusual talents in the area of prison reform might never have been realized.

Her insight, persistence, organizational ability and her willingness to see a “divine light” in every person resulted in striking reforms taking place in the manner in which women and children were treated in London’s Newgate Prison.

She was a strong proponent of humane treatment for prisoners and regarded by many as a leading expert in prison reform. As she once said, “When thee builds a prison, thee had better build with the thought ever in thy mind that thee and thy children may occupy the cells.”

Elizabeth Fry died in 1845 at the age of 66 years.


Program Coordinator:
Mary Kozorys
Email: Mary.Kozorys@efsnwo.com
Tel: (807) 623-1319
Toll Free: 1-888-885-4072

Board of Directors

The Elizabeth Fry Society is governed by a 10 member volunteer board. The current board comprises:

  • Caycie Soke (President)
  • Mary Veltri (Vice President)
  • Tara Hum (Secretary)
  • Lori Gilbert (Treasurer)
  • Cheyanne DeGagne
  • Erin Bellevance
  • Kate Brindley
  • Jamie McGinnis
  • Bev Picard
  • Vacant